WY-WSF President's Message

It is that time again to bring you the membership up to speed on the WY Wild sheep chapter you so generously support. I will start with the wonderfully successful banquet held in Casper this June. We had a sold-out venue and a very excited crowd. The night was full of great items in the Live and silent auctions along with a loaded general raffle. Thanks to the incredible generosity of our donors and bidders we can keep funding a substantial amount of sheep projects for the next year. Check out our webpage wyomingwildsheep.org for approved GIA’s for details. Be sure to get your registration’s in for the winter meeting in Lander the first weekend in Dec. also available online.

Next, I want to high lite the partnerships we have developed with other organizations. Both the Eastern and Midwest WSF chapters have adopted one of our herd projects and dedicated funding to those for the next several years. The Bighorn Sheep Center Dubois, National WSF and this WY chapter have formed a partnership to expand the educational outreach to youth and schools we currently help fund. With all three of us working to promote this education effort directed towards kids we can help promote the outdoor and wildlife related lifestyle we all so passionately love. If you want this program in your local school or youth group contact the Sheep center for help setting this up [(307) 455-3429 or karen@bighorn.org]. They have the programs and material to fit your needs.

I now need to sadly say thanks to those board members who decided to step away from the business of the chapter. Mike Porter, Meade Dominic and Dan Hinz. Next time you see these three be sure to thank them for their years of service and efforts for this chapter. They all plan to stay engaged with the future of the chapter and I will seek their council on issues from time to time. They are all a part of our past and future. Thanks for the years of service!

Now welcome the new members of your board some of which you already know. Ryan Amundson who you know as our G&F sheep liaison is now on the board after retiring from WY G&F. Welcome Ryan your past involvement speaks volumes about the future value you bring to the board.

Mick Mickelsen from Wheatland is our second new board member. He has an extensive history of involvement as a conservation volunteer for several organizations. He helped us out on the Devils Canyon tour we sold at the 2017 C&A meeting. Introduce yourself and get to know a passionate outdoors conservationist.
The latest addition to our group is James Owens who stepped up to fill a vacancy on our board and help us keep the outfitters point of view in our deliberations. He owns and operates Lost Creek Outfitters hear in Cody WY. Thanks for taking up the challenge James and we all look forward to your input. James is a donor and participant at our banquets for several years.

That brings me to the current opening on the board. Please examine your time and passion for sheep, then consider joining the board. We welcome the influx of new ideas and ways to get our mission accomplished. Call myself, Steve Kilpatrick or any of the board to visit with us about this opening.
Lastly, I will inform you that the chapter has been very active in supporting wild sheep here in WY on the national political front. An effort thru congresswoman Cheney to reopen several domestic sheep grazing allotments currently unavailable for several reasons is being strenuously opposed. In cooperation with the WSF LAC and others this effort by a few individuals in the domestic sheep industry needs to be stopped. Hopefully we have been able to get this done. We welcome those who are pushing this grazing issue to come to the WY Plan working group and search for solutions under this WY law. Perhaps we can work together as neighbors to address domestic and wild sheep conflicts as the plan is designed to do.

Your board welcomes your input! Feel free to call and visit with any of us about your ideas or concerns on sheep issues. We welcome feedback about the banquets and your ideas for improvement or thoughts on problems. We are working to improve several areas of the June banquet especially the final checkout. Thanks for your patience as we try new methods to make this quicker and easier for you and us. If you have a few hours free we always love volunteer help at this event. If you know a business or individual who might help us by donating a hunt or merchandise to our fundraising efforts, please encourage them and contact one of the boards with details. I personally want to thank those who have stepped up this past year to make it possible for us all to put and keep Kids and sheep on the mountain!

Kurt Eisenach
President & Life member #410
Wyoming Wild Sheep Foundation