Congratulations to Steven Hardcastle!
Steven is the winner of the second incentive raffle, a Weatherby Backcountry Mark V in .280 Ackley Improved.

Congratulations to Rob Englot of British Columbia, Canada. Rob is the winner of the first incentive rifle, a SW M&P II. Don't miss your chance to win the next incentive drawing, A Weatherby Backcountry Mark V in .280 Ackley Improved which will be drawn for in Reno, NV at the WSF Sheep Show on Jan. 19, 2020. You need not be present to win and the contest is open to everyone.

NOTE FOR NON USA PURCHASERS; All of our memberships, raffles, and other items are open and available to people of all countries but our system only accepts US addresses. If you do not use a US address, please contact Dean DiJenno at (307) 213-0998 to pay for your items by credit card. Checks are also accepted at P.O.Box 666, Cody, WY 82414 for all products.

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Congratulations Sal Piazza on your 2019 Trophy! Sal was the winner of our 2018 raffle and recently took this magnificent ram. Read his full story in the Fall issue of our RamPage magazine.

It was June 21st 2018 and I was sitting in a meeting when my phone vibrated. I looked at the phone and the caller ID said Cody Wyoming. I though who could this be ? I always apply for tags in Wyoming so I was thinking I better take this call thinking I drew one of my Wyoming hunts. I stepped out of the room and took the call, as I said “hello” they said “is this Sal Piazza?” I said “yes it is,” he said "this is Steve Kilpatrick, executive director from the Wyoming Wild Sheep Foundation, are you aware that Saturday was our annual banquet?” I said “no” still not knowing what this was all about, I had completely forgot about buying a ticket from the Wyoming Wild Sheep Foundation when I was in Reno at the sheep show that year. He said “well are you sitting down because I think you should be.” My heart started to race and the suspense was killing me. He then told me that they drew the ticket on Saturday night for the NWT Dall Sheep hunt with Ravens Throat Outfitters’s and my name was drawn.

We had bad weather off and on through out most of the week but the accommodations were incredible. It was a very relaxing 5 or 6 days with great food, great company and some good fishing as well. Griz and Ginger have only had the place for about 3 years but have worked non stop during the hunting season as well as the off season, making all kinds of improvements from building new cabins, to remodeling old cabins, built a cooler to hang meet in, a meat processing room, a huge solar system to run all of the electricity and much more. The accommodations were incredible, I can’t imagine that there is a more outstanding facility in the NWT. I would highly recommend Ravens Throat, they are top notch. I work in the customer service industry and these guys provide great service. They truly have the client in mind in everything they do. I can’t wait to go back for Moose and Caribou!

Dr.Dave Pendray's 2017 hunt and testimonial letter.

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