WY Wild Sheep Projects

At the June 2016 convention, members approved a total of $50,850 in grant in aid projects raising the total funded to $1,036,306.

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Conservation Fund

Seminole Mountains Guzzler Projected Completed.

Thanks to the ID Ranch, The Miller Estate, Ranch Manger Will Hudson, and BlM and G&F officials for making this project a reality. 24 volunteers from WY-WSF, Wyoming Wildlife Federation, Water for Wildlife, and Bowhunters of Wyoming installed the guzzler over the weekend of June 16, 2016.

Wyoming Wild Sheep Foundation

The Wyoming Wild Sheep Foundation is one of 21 state and provincial chapters and affiliates of the Wild Sheep Foundation, whose purpose is "to promote and enhance increasing populations of indigenous wild sheep on the North American continent, to safeguard against the decline or extinction of such species, and to fund programs for professional management of these populations, keeping all administrative costs to a minimum." In recent years, efforts of the Foundation and its state chapters and affiliate organizations have expanded beyond the needs of wild sheep to include all wildlife, its habitat, and support of sportsmen's rights.

Wyoming WSF was formed in 1983 and has a long record of actively working for Wyoming's bighorn sheep, other wildlife, education, and hunter's rights. Led by an all volunteer Board of Directors, Wyoming WSF annually raises thousands of dollars through the energy and efforts of conservation-minded sportsmen and women throughout Wyoming.

As a non-profit organization with 501 (c)3 status, contributions to Wyoming WSF are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Annual and lifetime memberships are available at a bargain price. Won't you please consider joining us in our efforts on behalf of Wyoming's bighorn sheep, wildlife and sportsmen?